SPPE - Safety and Pollution Prevention Equipment

Reported SPPE Events by Valve Type
GLSDV: Gas Lift Shutdown Valve   BSDV: Boarding Shudown Value   SSCSV: Subsurface Controlled Subsurface Safety Valve   SCSSV: Surface Controlled Subsurface Safety Valve  
SSV: Surface Safety Value   USV: Underwater Safety Valve

Type of Reported Failure Events (Order by frequency)
  • Data is based on the event date of a notification.
  • More than one type of reported event can occur within a single reported failure.
  • Order of significance is based on the extent of degradation of installed well safety systems and potential consequence to personnel and the environment.
  • Failed to open is an operational failure as opposed to a safety risk; in these cases, the valve is still capable of performing its safety function of controlling the well flow.
  • See section titled "Failures and Potential Consequences" in Oil and Gas Production Safety System Events – 2018 Annual Report.
Contributing Factors to Equipment Events
Reported Corrective Actions
How Failures were Detected
ESD: Emergency shutdown system

Root Causes of Reported Failure Events